Can-O-Worms - Vermiculture Worm Composting Bin

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The Can O Worms provides a quick, odorless and space efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into rich garden compost. Also comes with a Coco Peat style starter bedding and a 16 page instruction book.

Can-O-Worms - Vermiculture Bin
The #1 worm composter in the world.
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The Can O Worms provides a quick, odorless and space efficient way to convert organic kitchen scraps into rich, crumbly nutrient-rich compost!


Roughly 1,000 Red Wigglers are all you need to get started to turn your food scraps into an ongoing supply of rich organic liquid and solid fertilizer, which is nutrient rich for growing healthy plants.


The Can-O-Worms vermicomposter has a multi-level design that's easy to assemble and easy to use. Constructed of durable, lightweight, 100% recycled material, it features a ventilated lid on top, three stackable, mesh-bottomed "working trays" where the composting happens and a solid "collector tray" with a tap to dispense the liquid fertilizer. When the worms have partially composted one tray, another is set on top. Attracted by fresh-food scraps, the worms migrate up into the new tray through its mesh base.


The Can-O-Worms can be used indoors or out, and it's easy to set up. Start with moist bedding (comes with coco bedding but you can use anything from shredded newspaper to peat moss, but not manure or soil), some non-fatty organic kitchen waste (too much fat and protein can smell and attract rodents), and some red wiggler worms (who digest the waste and bedding, leaving behind nutrient rich castings), and within a few months, you will have a large amount of compost that improves soil structure and aeration and promotes healthy root development.

Generally, one pound of worms can take care of a half-pound of kitchen and garden waste per day. It is not recommended that you use fruit or citrus in your Can-O-Worms, as the peels tend to last longer and develop an odor. After your Can-O-Worms has been established, you might notice the presence of other bugs, such as millipedes and pill bugs. Don't worry - these bugs aid in the breakdown process! If you are allergic to molds and mildew, you should probably keep your Can-O-Worms outside. Molds occur naturally in compost bins and aid in composting. Red wigglers are temperature sensitive, so do not let your bin get below freezing or above 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Every Can-O-Worms is made of 100 percent recycled materials.

Fisherman...Not only can you create worm castings using this patented vermicompost bin but you can also breed worms to use as bait while fishing. You can breed up to 20,000 bait worms which can easily be removed from the top. Worms automatically regulate their population based on living space, so as you remove worms from the bin, more will breed.

The Can-O-Worms comes with "Coco Peat" style starter bedding and a 16 page instruction book. With all of its trays it stands 29" tall x 20" in diameter.

Unit Ship Weight: 32 lbs

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