Capmat II - Capillary Irrigation Matting (6' x 100')

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Capmat II Capillary Matting is an effectively way of keeping your plants moist and well watered. It works great in any greenhouse but is especially convenient if you have many pots to water or if you want to avoid using overhead watering.

Capmat II -  Capillary Irrigation Matting (6' x 100')


  • Helps water plants using capillary action
  • Quickly wicks water to plant roots
  • Mildew, rot, shrink and crush resistant
  • Light gray color promotes optimal light reflection
  • Evenly water pots of all sizes and other plants
  • For use with a simple watering system like drip watering
  • Economical
  • Reversible for longer life
  • Easy to cut, won’t fray
  • Highly absorbent
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be used with the Capmat II distribution kit
  • Mat thickness is 1.0 mm
  • Capillary lift is 8.0 cm
  • Custom sizes available, minimum quantities may apply call for details

Capmat II Capillary Matting is a high quality capillary matting that will effectively keep your plants moist and well watered. It works great in any greenhouse but is especially convenient if you have many pots to water or if you want to avoid using overhead watering since this can damage delicate plants. It also promotes uniform growth since every plant will receive the same amount of necessary water.

Capillary Matting is easy to use. You will install it in your greenhouse and then use it in conjunction with another type of watering system like a simple drip system. If you need a drip style watering system you should also purchase the Capmat II Distribution Kit since it comes with complete instructions and the necessary items to set up an effective drip system just the right size for these mats. Once the water hits the mat it will be evenly transported to all the plants on the mat using a simple capillary action. It is easy to install, will make your greenhouse watering easier and more effective and will help your plants to thrive. You won’t have to worry about over or under watering ever again.

There are many different types of capillary matting available, but we love Capmat II for its durability and other useful features. It is extremely lightweight which makes it very easy to handle and install. It is also very strong both when wet and dry. It is shrink, rot and mildew resistant and is very difficult to crush. We also love that it is easy to cut and will not fray. Plus it is reversible which will greatly extend the life of your matting.

This capillary matting also promotes excellent plant growth. It is a light gray color that is excellent for light reflection. The matting is very absorbent and will quickly wick moisture to the roots of your plants. It can evenly water pots of multiple sizes and will help you to ensure even watering. Many of our customers notice that their plants start to prosper as soon as this matting system is installed. It promotes uniform plant growth which is important, especially if you are growing plants for resale. This capillary matting system is a great, affordable choice that will enhance any simple greenhouse watering system that you choose.

Unit ship weight: 23 Lbs

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