CES Bloom Base Nutrient Fertilizer 0-6-5 (2.5 Gal.)

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CES Bloom features a great source of Phosphorus and Potassium and helps to shift plant growing energy toward flowers and fruit. It promotes enhanced flower production and fruit development.

CES Bloom Base Nutrient Fertilizer 0-6-5 (2.5 Gal.)




  • Phosphorus heavy formula
  • Enhances flower production
  • Encourages plants to shift their growing energy from vegetative to flowering
  • Contains a great source of potassium to enhance the photosynthetic rate and energy transfer
  • Contains lesser amounts of Magnesium and Sulfur
  • Great for use in conjunction with CES Micro and Grow nutrients
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing along with hydroponics, soil-based growth, and soilless growing media
  • NPK ratio: 0-6-5

CES Bloom is another component of the three part base nutrient program by CES. It provides a heavy dose of phosphorus and potassium to encourage flower production and bloom density. It is designed to help encourage plants to devote their growing energy away from vegetative growth and pour it into flower and fruit growth.


This versatile formula is great for hydroponics, soil-based growth, and with soilless growing media. It should be used in conjunction with CES Micro and Grow for a complete fertilizing routine. This nutrient solution is designed for use just before, and during the blooming phase of plant growth and contains lesser amounts of Magnesium and Sulfur.


Unit Ship Weight: 29 lbs

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