ChillKing Professional Water Cooled Chiller 2 HP

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This water chiller keeps nutrient solutions and other irrigation liquids cool and inside of the optimal temperature range for healthy plant growth.

ChillKing Professional Water Cooled Chiller 2 HP


  • Ideal for keeping hydroponic solution in a reservoir at the perfect temperature
  • Self-Contained chiller is designed for water-cooled gardening applications
  • Ranco digital temperature controller
  • Filter and dryer
  • Copper ChillKing evaporator
  • 2 horsepower
  • Evaporator freeze protection
  • All welds and solder undergo double inspection
  • Pre-tested and catalouged prior to packaging
  • Freeze tested evaporator for operational endurance

The ChillKing line of water chillers is designed to quickly and easily chill large quantities of water. These systems are generally used in growing systems and keep growing solutions at optimal growing temperatures for plant growth. Keeping nutrient solutions cooler means less potential for algae or mold growth inside of reservoirs or expensive pumping systems.

This system features an inlet fitting and an outlet fitting and cools water as it is circulated. Cool water is critical for plant root health and development and can make all the difference in growing operations. In many cases, water in reservoirs are subjected to multiple heat sources found in growing areas such as heat lamps, growing lights, and even sunlight.

As greenhouses are often kept much warmer the nutrient solutions in reservoirs can be subjected to higher temperatures as well. This water chilling system helps to reduce the temperature of these solutions and facilitate healthy plant growth.

This system is designed for large volume water cooling and is a great option for professional growers. The ChillKing chillers have been used for over 10 years in multiple restaurant chains and are now available to the growing industry.

Unit Ship Weight: 275 lbs

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