Clear Shrink Wrap 18in x 1500ft 80 Gauge

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This versatile material is great for packing and shipping materials. It is used for palletizing brick and pavers and is water resistant. Gives a tight fit to any shape.

Clear Shrink Wrap 18" x 1500'  80 Gauge

This shrink wrap is great for wrapping roots on balled and burlap trees. This creates a water resistant barrier that is strong enough to wrap pallets of bricks and paving stone but versatile enough to wrap the roots of trees.

If you need to pack anything away or hold things together then shrink wrapping it is a cheap and water resistant answer. Simply wrap your materials up and apply heat and the shrink wrap will constrict and hold tightly until it is cut away with a knife or scissors.


  • Dimensions: 18" x 1500'
  • Thickness: 80 Gauge
  • Clear

Unit Ship Weight: 9.5 lbs

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