CO2/RH/Temperature Smart Controller Day and Night Settings

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This controller seamlessly integrates supplemental CO2 and intake/exhaust ventilation. Also controls temperature and relative humidity changing devices.

CO2/RH/Temperature Smart Controller Day and Night Settings


  • Seamless integration of carbon dioxide enrichment processes and intake/exhaust ventilation
    • Saves on supplemental CO2 costs
  • Carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature precise electronic sensors
  • 24 hour data logging of sensor values for later review
  • Alarm system hook-up (with iMS-100)
  • Has the ability to control up to 6 different pieces of equipment
  • Comes with power adapter
  • Automatically controls equipment used for supplemental carbon dioxide production, temperature control and relative humidity adjustment
  • Adjustable:
    • Day set points
    • Night set points
    • Differential
    • Operating mode
    • 24-hour log
  • Great for controlling small greenhouses, growing areas and much more
  • Easy to use controls and clear instructions

This controller brings together highly accurate sensors, precision controls and adjustability to make an extremely effective controller system. It features seamless integration of supplemental carbon dioxide and exhaust/ventilation. This controller has separate day and night set points to better control and regulate supplemental carbon dioxide gas.

It also has sensors to control the temperature and the humidity of a growing area or small greenhouse. This allows the user to control many different pieces of equipment with a single controller device.

This unit has multiple outlets that allows the user to have more than one device plugged in at the same time, increasing the capabilities of one controller. This system has easy to read instructions and simple controls to make growing area environmental control easy and effective.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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