CO2 Temperature and Humidity Controller 2 Timer

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This complete environmental controller features temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide controlling abilities. With two timers for consistent CO2 production.

CO2 Temperature and Humidity Controller 2 Timer




  • Coordinate exhaust and CO2 production
  • 2 timers
    • Frequency of CO2 release
    • Duration of CO2 release
  • Temperature and humidity controls automatically activate the exhaust outlet
  • CO2 production is ceased while ventilation equipment is running
  • Photo-sensor disables CO2 production while the lights are off
  • Rated for 15 amps at 120V
  • 3 year warranty

The two timer carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity controller is designed to control the temperature and humidity while also providing supplemental carbon dioxide. This complete environmental controller ensures that plants are growing in the best conditions possible.


To avoid wasting carbon dioxide gas the CO2 outlet is deactivated whenever ventilation equipment is activated by the temperature and humidity controls. This unit also features a photo-sensor which deactivates the CO2 outlet when the lights are out.


When plants aren’t going through photosynthesis they don’t require any supplemental CO2. With adjustable controls on the front and a remote sensor probe to provide accurate environmental readings for the temperature and humidity controls.


This unit features two timers, one to control how often the CO2 outlet is activated and one to control the duration of CO2 production. These two parameters come together to produce a CO2 production schedule that keeps carbon dioxide levels constant.


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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