Collapsible Grid Plant Brace 25in Legs 16in Hoop (3 pack)

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These plant braces feature a grid hoop which measures 16 inches in diameter. With movable 25 inch legs and a collapsible design. Made with green coated wire that is 5 gauge.

Collapsible Grid Plant Brace 25" Legs 16" Hoop (3 pack)

This plant brace features a 16 inch grid hoop, allowing you to place many plants in the same support. Each opening in the grid measures 3" x 3". Made with green 5 gauge wire that is corrosion resistant and which blends in nicely to gardens. The three 25 inch legs swing freely allowing you to place them exactly where you want in your garden.

The minute you place them into the ground the hoop gains its structural integrity and can then support plants easily. When the season is over the whole support collapses and is stored easily. This versatile plant brace is great for peonies and a myriad of other plants.

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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