Collapsible Rain Barrel 52 Gallons

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This collapsible barrel can hold 52 gallons of free rain water to be used whenever you need it. Made from triple-thick UV treated polyester. With debris filter and standard hose fitting.

Collapsible Rain Barrel 52 Gallons

This collapsible rain barrel is great for catching and collecting rain water from your rain gutters and holding them until you are ready for the free and natural water. This barrel is made from triple-thick UV treated polyester which is puncture and tear resistant and will last through many seasons of use.

The top of the barrel unzips and opens up letting you easily clean and dunk buckets or watering cans directly in the water. This model includes a debris filter to keep your water free of leaves and larger debris.

At the bottom is a standard hose thread tap which lets you easily attach your garden hose and use free rain water. This also comes with an overflow valve near the top to keep it from overflowing.


  • Triple-thick polyester construction
  • Collapsible
  • Green
  • With debris filter
  • Top unzips
  • Overflow valve
  • Standard hose fitting
  • 52 gallon capacity

Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs

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