Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling (Green)

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The Comfort-Tech Utility Sling is a multi-purpose sling that easily attaches to weed trimmers and other hand held tools. It provides better control, balance, and comfort and is colored green.

Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling (Green)



  • Provides dynamic balance control
  • Fully adjustable design with 1 click easy on, easy off
  • Designed for left or right handed use
  • High weight capacity can easily hold string trimmers and other tools
  • Green colored sling
  • Shoulder harness is 2 ¼” wide, nylon sling is 1” wide
  • Carabiner-clip on the end of the harness clips onto trimmer shafts, hooks, sling loops, and more
  • Clip is 2” long, opens 5/16”
  • Makes trimming more comfortable and reduces arm fatigue
  • Wide shoulder harness spreads the weight of a trimmer or tool making it more comfortable to carry

The Comfort-Tech Utility Sling is designed to make trimming, leaf blowing, or other tool carrying activity more comfortable. This sling features a wider shoulder harness for more comfortable balance and control of weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and other hand-held tools.

 It reduces arm fatigue and helps the user to have better balance while working. The entire sling features an easy on and off clip and also utilizes a carabiner clip that can attach to almost any hand-held trimmer. It comes from Sims Vibration Laboratory and is made with American quality craftsmanship.


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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