Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags (15” x 18” - 100 Bags)

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These vacuum bags are designed to seal and preserve food and other valuable items. They feature air removal channels for better vacuum creation and are great for freezing or dry food storage.

Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags (15” x 18” - 100 Bags)



  • Can be used in almost any vacuum sealer with a 15" sealing ability
  • 2 ply, 3.0 mil thickness is very durable
  • BPA free
  • Extra-large sized bags
  • Air-removal channels allow for maximum air removal and the best freshness
  • Great for preserving food and non-food items such as collectibles, valuable documents, silver, or electronic items
  • Ideal for marinating foods in minutes as sauces are pulled into food
  • Made from FDA listed food safe materials

These commercial grade vacuum bags allow the user safely store food and other valuable items in an air-free environment. The heavy-duty bags are 2-ply for added strength and are made from FDA listed food safe materials. This means that practically any kind of food can be stored with a vacuum sealed bag. Using vacuum sealing allows the user to buy products in bulk and store unused portions for later use.


Extra meat from hunting or fishing trips can be stored for long periods and a great harvest can be vacuum sealed and frozen for consumption all winter long. These bags can be used in almost any brand of vacuum sealer and feature air removal channels to allow for more a more complete vacuum.


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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