Benefits of Superb Sulfate

Superb Sulfate / 12-0-0-26


SULFUR is recognized as a secondary plant nutrient. All life needs SULFUR to survive. In plants it is an essential nutrient for two major reasons. SULFUR is a constituent of three amino acids (cystine, methionine and cysteine) and is therefore essential for protein synthesis. It is essential for nodule formation on legume roots. SULFUR is present in oil compounds responsible for the characteristic odors of plants such as garlic and onions. Most legume crops require SULFUR fertilization SULFUR is part of the make up of enzymes and proteins. Aids in the metabolic functions of the plant. Low SULFUR readings in your soil can mean that you may experience a deficiency in Nitrogen and  Manganese.

Most soils low in sulfur are usually low in organic matter, having a coarse texture, and probably a high pH. We also know that when a crop supplied with a sufficient amount of SULFUR, crops are greener and quantity and quality of yields increase, increasing profits. It is essential that crops be kept supplied with sulfur throughout the growing season. Besides being a necessary nutrient, its natural oxidation process gives beneficial pH control needed by soil. It also aids in the removal of unwanted soil salts. Precious Sulfate is very effective for pre-planting.

SUPERB SULFATE is 100% water soluble, and immediately available to the plant. It is a highly concentrated product derived from Ammonium Thiosulfate. Its analysis is 12-0-0-26. Consequently it packs a considerable nitrogen benefit as well. Care should be taken not to over-apply since too much could cause burn. Be sure to read label directions. Spotting a SULFUR deficiency is rather difficult because of it's near characteristic deficiency sign like that  of nitrogen. However these can be spotted in the younger plants and leaves much easier. 

Symptoms of SULFUR deficiencies to look for in plants include:

  • Young leaves light green to yellowish in color. In some plants older tissue may be affected also.
  • Small and spindly plants.
  • Stunted in growth.
  • Retarded growth rate and delayed maturity.
  • Inter-venal chlorosis on corn leaves.
  • It is the enzyme activator necessary for the plant to induct nitrogen.
  • It is essential for protein synthesis.

Not only does our  SUPERB SULFATE carry a high potent SULFUR content it also has 12% nitrogen content.  SUPERB SULFATE can maintain the sulfur supply your crop needs throughout the growing season. 

    Directions For Use:

 SOIL: Apply 1 gal.  SUPERB SULFATE with sufficient water to cover per 1 acre. Broadcast directly onto soil at pre-planting. For best results incorporate into

the top 1-2 inches.

*Apply when sulfur readings are low in soil. *


Row Crops: Mix 1-2 pint.  SUPERB SULFATE with sufficient water to cover, per acre. Mist tops and bottoms of leaves. Moisten only to the point of run-off. (USE MINIMUM OF 15 GALLONS OF WATER.)

Tree Crops: Mix 1-3 qt.  SUPERB SULFATE with sufficient water to cover, per acre. Mist tops and bottoms of leaves. Moisten only to the point of run-off. (USE MINIMUM OF 100 GALLONS OF WATER.)

Apply when sulfur deficiency is determined by visual or leaf analysis. Extent of deficiency will determine amount to use.



Total Nitrogen.....................12.00%

12.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen

Sulfur (S) Combined...............26.00%

Derived from: Ammonium sulfate



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