Corona Root & All Purpose Saw

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This saw is great for root and branch cutting and features 6.5 inch carbon steel blade that is chrome plated for added strength and corrosion resistance. Comfort grip handle and 7 points per inch.

Corona Root & All Purpose Saw


  • Blade Length: 6.5"
  • Blade: High Carbon Chrome Plated Steel
  • Points: 7 Per Inch
  • Aggressive Tooth Design
  • Pointed Blade For Ground Use
  • Ergonomic Co-Molded Solid Corobond Handle

This saw is perfect for all medium to large roots and branches and cuts in both the push and pulling motions. The high carbon steel blade has 7 points per inch and is an aggressive design for quicker cuts.

The blade is 6.5" long and is chrome plated for extra hardness and is designed to be used in the ground. The point on the tip easily penetrates root clusters and soils and allows you to easily cut all manner of roots and branches. The handle is an ergonomic co-molded solid Corobond handle for maximum comfort and control.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lbs

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