Council Pick and Shovel Combination Tool

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This combination pick, hoe and spade is designed to be adjusted on the fly by simply loosening the steel collar. Eliminates the need for 3 separate tools.

Council Pick and Shovel Combination Tool


  • Angle of the blade and pick can be adjusted by loosening the steel collar
    • It can be a shovel/hoe/pick combination, shovel only or pick only
  • Great for gardening, landscape beds and light brush clearing
  • The enamel and phosphate finish resist rust
  • 42” solid ash handle
  • 6 1/8” x 7” spade size
  • 6 ½” pick length
  • Black enamel and phosphate finish is rugged and corrosion resistant

This unique tool brings 3 tools together into one versatile package. It can be a spade, a hoe, a pick or a combination hoe/pick. This tool is adjusted by simply loosening the heavy duty steel collar.

This releases the hinged pick and blade to be configured at the users discretion. Once the correct configuration is set the steel collar is tightened and the tool is ready to be used. Great for on the fly adjusting and eliminates the need for carrying 3 separate tools. This ingenious design is great for gardening, soil movement, digging, light brush clearing and much more.

Unit Ship Weight: 5.5 lbs

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