Dalton – Ruhlman Kitchen Essentials Knife Grabber Cherry (12in)

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This attractive organizing device features a wooden finish and a powerful internal magnet that holds knives, tools, keys, and much more. Available in 12" and 18" and in 3 wood styles.

Dalton – Ruhlman Kitchen Essentials Knife Grabber Cherry (12")




  • Powerful hidden magnet securely holds many kitchen utensils
  • Great for holding Knives, Graters, Cleavers, Screwdrivers, Lighters, Keys, Pots and pans, and much more
  • Wooden grain coloration looks great in any kitchen or workshop
  • Comes in multiple colors (Maple, Wenge, Cherry)
  • Available in 12” long and 18” long
  • Easily screws onto any wall, cupboard, door, or cabinet
  • Mounting tools included

The Knife Grabber is a simple, attractive, and effective way to organize kitchen utensils, tools, keys, and many other items. It features an attractive wooden finish with a powerful internal magnet. This magnet securely organizes items such as large knives, cleavers, and scissors that are too big for knife holders and that you don’t want rattling around in a drawer.


Any item that is easily lost such as key chains, lighters, pliers, and scissors are easily organized on this attractive device. The powerful magnet is even strong enough to hold entire frying pans. It can be mounted practically anywhere and comes in multiple wood finishes.


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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