Dalton – Ruhlman Kitchen Essentials Offset Spatula & Bench Scraper

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The Offset Spatula and Bench Scraper are specialty utensils designed to make cooking easier. The offset spatula is great for deeper pots and pans and the scraper makes for easy dough separation and clean up.

Dalton – Ruhlman Kitchen Essentials Offset Spatula & Bench Scraper




  • Includes both the offset spatula and the bench scraper
  • Offset spatula has the perfect angle for scooping and turning inside of a deep pan
  • Bench scraper is ideal for cutting and dividing dough, for scraping into pots, and for scooping diced vegetables
  • Bench scraper is also ideal for scraping excess flour and dough from surfaces, eliminating the need to clog a sponge with flour
  • Attractive wooden handles fit in with any kitchen style
  • Stainless steel blades

The offset spatula and bench scraper combo feature an attractive wooden handle with stainless steel blades. These two utensils are designed to fit with any kitchen style while being extremely effective. The offset spatula is designed to scrape and scoop in deeper pans than traditional spatulas could comfortably reach. Offset angled spatulas can scoop and turn while keeping hands farther away from potentially dangerous, hot cookware or food.


The bench scraper is designed to fill a chopping and scraping role in the kitchen and comes in especially useful when cutting and dividing dough. When clean-up time arrives the bench scraper scrapes excess dough and flour from surfaces, eliminating the need for clogging sponges.


Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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