Deau Passe Charcoal HEPA Fiber Air Filter 12in 4000 CFM

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This triple layer charcoal fiber air filter helps to remove odors and particles from the air. Great for use with greenhouses or growing rooms. HEPA filtration stops small particles 100% of the time.

Deau Passe Charcoal HEPA Fiber Air Filter 12” 4000 CFM


  • Highest rated CFM on the market with high flow rates
  • 4000 CFM
  • Revolutionary odor control
  • 3-layer charcoal fiber technology traps:
    • Mold
    • Bacteria
    • Insects
    • Dust
    • Pollen
  • Tightly woven synthetic fibers are 5 times smaller than a human hair
  • Inverted nose cone and vertical pleats provide maximum surface area and maximum filtration capability
  • Durable, washable and lightweight
  • Excellent for reducing odors and air contaminants
  • Stops small particulate 100% of the time, a claim that open cell foam cannot give

This charcoal fiber filter is designed with new, amazing filtration technology that not only removes almost all odors but traps particles such as mold, bacteria, insects, dust and pollen. The HEPA air filter is designed specifically for greenhouses and growing rooms and feature the highest rated CFM on the market.

This means excellent air flow while providing cleaner air. The filter features vertical pleats and an inverted nose cone to maximize the surface area and filtration capability of each filter. This filter can also be washed and reused, increasing the lifespan and filtering capability of a single filter.

Unit Ship Weight: 13 lbs

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