DeWitt 0.5oz Deluxe Seed & Plant Guard Frost Blanket 12ft x 300ft

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DeWitt Seed and Plant Guard blankets are great for germinating seeds, insect and bird protection and up to 4 degrees of frost protection. Lets in 85% of light and is great for preventing soil erosion from pounding rains.

DeWitt 0.5oz Deluxe, Seed & Plant Guard Germination Frost Blanket 12' x 300'


  • 0.5 oz non-woven frost protection blanket.
  • Keeps temperatures underneath 4˚warmer than outside temperatures.
  • Provides 90-95% seed germination compared with 60-65% from straw.
  • UV treated to resist breakdown from the sun.
  • Lasts for many years, especially when stored out of the sun.
  • Extends your growing season and can protect your investments against unexpected frost.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Ideal to help seed germination and as a barrier against insects and fungus spores.
  • Use with DeWitt Clip-Its to anchor.

This DeWitt Seed & Plant Guard fabric is a  lightweight blanket provides an excellent environment for germinating seeds and for the growth of seedlings. Gives 90 to 95% seed germination versus 60 to 65% of seed germination with straw or hay. These blankets also provide earlier yields, insect control, reduced seed and soil erosion and a 4 degree frost protection meaning it maintains a temperature 4 degrees higher than outside temperatures.

This fabric lets through 85% of light, warming your plants while keeping out birds, insects and pounding rains. This is a great way to germinate more of your seeds in a reusable and easy to apply way.

DeWitt's floating row cover is made from a 0.5oz, white, 100% spunbound polyester fabric for use in grass seeding in commercial and residential sites. It creates an excellent microenvironment for seed germination and acts as a barrier between insects and fungus spores. It is also a great low cost insulation against the elements. New technology has allowed the creation of micro-fine spunbound fibers which has incredible strength for such a lightweight fabric and unlike polypropylene, is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

DeWitt is one of the US leaders in agricultural fabric. They pioneered the field of permeable weed control fabrics and with over 30 years of product development they now sell the highest quality selection of agricultural fabrics on the market.

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