Dewitt Construction Silt Fencing w Stakes (3ft x 100ft)

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This silt fence is designed to prevent the erosion of silt. This fence provides protection of lakes, rivers and streams from silt caused by construction. Thickness 2.1oz sq/yd.

Dewitt Construction Silt Fencing w Stakes (3’ x 100’)

Dewitt silt fencing is the most commonly used silt fence in residential and commercial construction, keeping silt from washing away


  • Woven polypropylene yarns for holding silts and allowing water to pass through
  • 11 wooden oak stakes included (48 inches long)
  • Protection of lakes, streams and rivers from silt kicked up by construction
  • Easy installation and reusable.
  • Thickness 2.1oz sq/yd.

This silt fence is designed to prevent silt from being washed into lakes, steams and rivers. Made from polypropylene fibers and woven into a tight fabric for a tight seal from silt erosion.

The fence is designed to allow water to pass through but not silt, sand or other soils. This is important not only for environmental protection but also for erosion control of work sites. When top soil is removed it leaves the soils underneath exposed to erosion. This rugged silt fence is designed to stop silt and sands from being washed away.

Unit Ship Weight: 41 lbs (Large package is equivalent to 53.5 lb)

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