Dewitt Pro 5 Landscape and Weed Fabric 5oz Black (3ft x 250ft)

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This 5oz weed barrier is made from woven polypropylene fabric and is designed to be durable and versatile with the ability to perform many tasks. A great balance of cost and durability.

Dewitt Pro 5 Landscape and Weed Fabric 5oz Black (3’ x 250’)

Woven polypropylene, needle punched fabric with reinforced fiber ideal for weed control and soil support


  • Superior fabric can be used above the ground covering or in the ground for erosion control.
  • 5oz extra strong double sided polypropylene fabric
  • 3oz ground cover and 2oz drainage fabric needled punched together.
  • Gives the superior strength of a ground cover with the superior erosion control of a filter fabric.
  • Black color prevents light penetration
  • Moisture preservation in soil
  • Needle punching provides stability on slopes and slight moisture permeability
  • Color stripes 12 inches apart make for easy plant spacing/planting
  • 5oz fabric is highly durable

The Pro 5 weed barrier is an extremely rugged and long lasting weed control and landscaping fabric. Featuring a rugged 5oz woven polypropylene fabric which is designed to resist rotting and degradation. The fabric is needle punched to allow water, air and nutrients to slowly seep through while preventing all weeds from growing.


  • Weed control
    • Under rocks
    • Under mulch
    • Under soil
  • Greenhouse base weed prevention and soil stabilization
  • Insect barriers
  • Retaining wall backing
  • Soil moisture preservation

The Pro 5 weed barrier is a great balance of cost and quality, used by many private and public utilities and landscaping specialists. This fabric blends versatility and durability to create a landscapers dream. Easy to cut, unroll and install and is easily secured with ground staples, stakes or spikes.


  • Color: Black
  • Woven polypropylene construction: 5oz

Unit Ship Weight: 26 lbs (Large package is equivalent to 34 lb)

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