Dewitt Shady Dog Kennel Cover Green (12ft x 12ft)

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This dog kennel cover is designed to reduce the light transmitted by 60 percent, keeping your dog cool and comfortable even on hot days. Made from UV stabilized polypropylene.

Dewitt Shady Dog Kennel Cover Green (12’ x 12’)

Made from tough, UV stabilized knitted polypropylene which protects your pet from the hot sun


  • Brass grommets every 24 inches
  • Double stitched perimeter
  • 60% shade factor
  • Includes 11” Dewitt zip ties for secure attachment
  • Resists rotting, mildew and fungal growth
  • Allows air to circulate freely

This dog kennel cover is designed to keep your pet cool, comfortable and happy even on the hottest days. The shade cover stops 60% of the light coming through keeping your pet up to 15 degrees cooler.

This fabric is designed to let air freely flow through which allows further cooling. The edges are double stitched with brass grommets for a rugged and long lasting cover even in windy areas.

The fabric design stops a large quantity of hot infrared sun rays. This lock-stitched, knitted polypropylene fabric is designed to last for years and is UV stabilized so as not to degrade in the sun. This simple cover makes a huge difference to your pets happiness and health.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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