DeWitt UV PE Knitted Shade Cloth - 30% Black (per sq.ft)

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DeWitt’s knitted shade fabric is the perfect choice shade protection from the sun. Perfect for protecting your crops. Also offers heat, wind, hail and UV protection. Minimum size 560 sq.ft.

DeWitt UV Polyethylene Knitted Shade Cloth - 30% Black


  • We custom cut your film to any length that adds up to over 560 square feet (e.g 10' x 56' = 560 sq.ft).
  • Custom cut sizes below the minimum or outside of the preset widths are available but require a custom quote for accurate pricing. Please contact us for a customized quote.
  • Option to have the edges hemmed for $0.25 per linear foot and brass grommets added for $0.25 each.
  • Used anywhere for shade protection from the sun and prevent potentially very expensive damage to produce.
  • UV resistant, high density polyethylene offers crop protection for UV and heat sensitive plants.
  • Knitted shade cloth is stronger and up to 25% lighter than woven shade cloth and also provides better air and water permeability than woven cloth.
  • Naturally rot and mildew proof.
  • On row tunnels it keeps the soil cool and reduces moisture loss through evaporation in excessive heat.
  • Unique lock stitch designs reduces heat build up in the structure and reduces wind speed.
  • Chemical resistance to a range of possible agricultural chemicals, sprays and detergents.
  • Lock stitch design allows user to cut and customize the fabric without it unraveling, can also puncture the fabric without the hole getting bigger.
  • 5-7 year life span if stored out of the sun when not in use and 4 years plus when in direct sun.
  • Perfect for greenhouse covering and many other applications including crop protection, livestock shading, bird netting, windbreak and privacy screen and much more.
  • Use with DeWitt Clip-Its as a reusable "grommet" for secure anchoring and DeWitt Zip Ties to connect multiple shade cloths together if needed.
  • Note: This is a custom cut item made to your individual specifications. It cannot be returned or refunded once the item has been shipped out.
  • This custom cut item has an approximate 3-5 business day processing time before shipping out (peak season times are subject to change) 

DeWitt’s knitted shade fabric is the perfect choice for areas that need shade protection from the sun. Very popular when used as a greenhouse covering or shade fabric for your crops as it not only offers heat and UV protection but can also reduce damage from the elements and extend the life of your plastic.

This product is made using high quality UV stabilized polyethylene knitted shade fabric. Made using a unique lock stitch pattern so that the material that reduces heat build up and can also be easily cut and tailored to your needs without the fabric further unraveling.

After choosing your ideal size of shade fabric our team will custom cut them to your specified size. We can also hem the edges for additional strength and add #4 brass grommets to the edges. The taped edges are then double stitched for extra holding power. Please call us if you require this additional service.

DeWitt is one of the US leaders in agricultural fabric. They pioneered the field of permeable weed control fabrics and with over 30 years of product development they now sell the highest quality selection of agricultural fabrics on the market.


  • Greenhouse shade cover.
  • Shade cover for row tunnels and other shade structures
  • Used to warm soil and to reduce moisture loss through evaporation
  • Protection against hail and wind and weather damage.
  • Used as bird netting
  • Livestock and kennel shading.
  • Used as temporary fencing.
  • Can be used as a wind break
  • Used as a privacy screen on patios and decks.
  • Used for recreation such as sport arena shading, ball diamonds, swimming pool covers and tennis court walls.
  • Has a huge range of other applications.

Choosing a shade cloth:

Generally for growing plants a shade fabric between 30% and 70% is sufficient. You have to balance shade protection with allowing enough light to get through to your plants which is all dependant on what crop you are growing and whether the plant is a shade loving or sun loving crop. The percentage of shade refers to the quantity of light that is blocked so a 60% shade fabric will let 40% of the light through.

As a basic guide on crops you should use a low percentage shade cloth such as 30% for sun-loving crops such as tomatoes and peppers in areas with hot summers. For colder temperature crops such as lettuce and spinach use 50% - 70% in hot southern areas and 30-50% in cooler northern zones. We advise you to look up the plants you are growing to determine which shade cloth is best for your area.

For non-crop usage for example shading pets, livestock, patios and fencing you might consider a higher level of shade for example 70% - 90% depending on your climate.


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