Dewitt Weed Barrier 12 Year 3.5oz Earth Tone (8ft x 300ft)

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12 YR-ET8300

This weed barrier is made from spun bound polypropylene fabric which provides strength and light blockage while still allowing water, air and nutrients to flow through. Earth tone color.

Dewitt Weed Barrier 12 Year 3.5oz Earth Tone (8’ x 300’)


  • Earth tone to blend in with soil and mulch
  • Ideal for annual plantings
  • Saves on watering by conserving moisture in the soil
  • Provides complete weed control
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Made from laminated spunbond polypropylene
  • Life Expectancy: Approximately 12 Years
  • Dimensions: 8’ x 300’

Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike. Made from spun, needle-punched polypropylene fabric which is allows water, air and nutrients to pass through. This fabric is designed for use underneath mulch, rocks or walkways to provide a permanent weed barrier. Also great for use in greenhouses as a weed blocking base.

A common problem with weed barriers is the fact that they prevent water from passing through to the roots of wanted plants. This fabric, however, is manufactured with needle holes which allows water to pass freely through.

This fabric slows the evaporation of moisture from the soil making it beneficial for plants that are wanted. To keep sunlight from any weeds the fabric is solid black to cut out the most possible light from reaching any weeds. This fabric is easy to cut, easy to roll and easy to secure with anchoring pins, rods or weights.

Unit Ship Weight: 54 lbs (Large package is equivalent to 70 lb)

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