Dewitt Woven Poly Tree Squares w X Slit 4ft x 4ft (100 Count)

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These tree squares prevent roots from growing near young trees and help to retain moisture in and around tree roots. Proven to increase survivability and growth.

Dewitt Woven Poly Tree Squares w "X" Slit 4’ x 4’ (100 Count)


  • Eliminates weed growth
  • Pre-cut "X" slit in the center
  • Holds moisture in the ground
  • Slowly allows moisture and air to seep through
  • Made from woven poly designed for weed reduction purposes
  • Can be covered with mulch or rock for landscaping purposes

These tree squares are designed for solitary tree and shrub planting where weeds and close trimming can be a problem for soft bark. These squares are designed to prevent weeds from growing close to young trees and for retaining moisture in and around the tree roots.

They are made from woven polypropylene and can even be covered with mulch or rocks for landscaping purposes. University and government studies have proven that the tree square greatly increases survivability and growth of young trees.

Unit Ship Weight: 40 lbs

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