DGT Invertible Misting Nozzles, Choice of Colors, 3/8" BWT

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The DGT invertible Nozzles are high quality misting nozzles that will provide a consistent, light mist to your greenhouse plants and flowers. These nozzles are high quality and long lasting. Choice of 4 colors and spray diameters.

DGT Invertible Misting Nozzles, Choice of Colors, 3/8" BWT


  • Choice of 4 colors and spray diameters.
  • Blue and white nozzles should be alternated as their mist patterns differ in height.
  • Uses BWT (British Whitworth Theads)
  • High Quality Misting Nozzles
  • Easy to Install When Used with PVC Nozzle Adapters or the Mini Adapter
  • Great for Propagation, General Greenhouse Misting/Cooling and Irrigation
  • Anti-Drip Function
  • Replacement parts available

The DGT Upright Nozzles with BWT (British Whitworth Threads) are high quality and effective misting nozzles that will effectively mist your greenhouse plants. The Invertible Nozzles are great in any greenhouse situation, but are especially useful in situations where you need to limit dripping since they are designed with a special membrane and filter to practically eliminate unwanted drips. They are easy to use and install and will be a great choice for your misting needs.

Many of our customers love that these nozzles use less water than a traditional nozzle. They are also self-cleaning which can save you a lot of time and hassle. When installing be sure to add an automatic drain valve at the end of each line since this will help the nozzles to last longer and function more effectively. You will also need PVC Nozzle Adapters or the Mini Adapter for your initial installation of these nozzles.

There are 4 sizes of nozzles available. The White and Blue Nozzles will work well for general greenhouse misting. The Red is an ideal choice for fine irrigation and the Yellow nozzle should be used for irrigation purposes. These DGT Invertible Nozzles are a long lasting and drip misting nozzle choice for your greenhouse




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