Drip Ring Components for the WaterFarm System

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This drip ring is for use with the WaterFarm growing system. It uniformly drips water and nutrients around plants acting as an automatic irrigation system.

Drip Ring Components for the WaterFarm System


  • Uniformly drips water or nutrient solutions around plants in the WaterFarm system
  • Drip ring aerates solutions as it flows around plants
  • Consists of an upper drip ring and a support post that reaches into the lower reservoir
  • High quality plastic will not corrode or degrade
  • Includes:
    • Drip ring
    • Pumping column
    • column support tube
    • 1/2" grommet
    • Drain level tube

This drip ring is the functional part of the WaterFarm system as it draws the water and nutrient solution up and drips it uniformly around the plants in the growing medium. It is designed to never corrode or degrade and slowly drip all the way around a plant.

This piece connects to a pump and dips into the lower reservoir. This kit also includes a pumping column, column support tube, a grommet and a drain level tube. These components are the heart of the WaterFarm system and are made to grow for years.

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