Dual Grow Light Air Cooled Tube Reflector 48 in

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This reflector has the ability to operate two bulbs simultaneously within a 6 inch diameter clear tube. This fits seamlessly into an air cooling system.

Dual Grow Light Air Cooled Tube Reflector 48"


  • Larger design is great for use over flood tables up to 4’ x 8’
  • Includes two exclusive adjustable socket rings for various bulb positioning within the tube
  • The tube can be seamlessly integrated into air cooling systems
  • Cooler running bulbs can be placed closer to plants, increasing light intensity
  • 6” diameter, 48” long
  • Included reflector can be removed for vertical tube positioning
  • Attach your own cord (Unit does not come prewired)
  • Compatible with all major lamp brands
  • Highly reflective aluminum reflector piece

This Cool Tube is designed for dual grow light operation simultaneously and puts the options in the hands of the user. The tube connects with air cooling ducts and provides a cool running reflector that can be positioned closer to plants. This closer positioning allows for lower wattage bulbs to accomplish the same results as higher wattage bulbs would at a greater distance.

The reflector wing can be removed and the entire unit can be positioned vertically for 360 degree lighting. The cool tube also allows the user to mix and match bulb types and wattages, creating a truly unique lighting scheme that best fits their situation.


  • Weight: 18.0 lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 58.0L x 9.0W x 9.0H

Unit Ship Weight: 19 lbs

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