Dual Max Tube Expander with Adjustable Reflector 48in

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This dual bulb lighting fixture is based on the Dual Cool Tube. It adds an adjustable reflector and sockets to cover a wide range of growing table sizes. Keeps plants cool and creates a more efficient growing system.

Dual Max Tube Expander with Adjustable Reflector 48"




  • Provides extremely high light transmission with very low temperatures
  • Turns the Dual Cool Tube into a highly reflective fixture
  • Exclusive adjustable socket rings allow for various bulb positions within the tube
  • Compatible with all major lamp brands
  • Adjustable reflector with side wings can be independently adjusted to 4 different positions
  • Allows the user to create custom lighting patterns and intensities
  • Long, two-bulb design is ideal for flood tables and larger growing areas up to 4’ x 7’
  • Narrowest wing setting casts a 36” wide lighting footprint, the widest casts a lighting footprint 72” wide (both at 16” height from plant tops)
  • Easily connects to an air cooling system for even lower growing temperatures
  • Does not come pre-wired to allow the user to install exact wiring that they require
  • Dimensions: 6” diameter, 48” length
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Dual Max Tube Expander is an updated version of the Dual Cool Tube that includes an adjustable wing reflector around the cool tube. Some added benefits of this reflector are the concentrated, directed lighting options for growing.


The reflector features independently adjustable wings that can alter the lighting footprint to better suit the users growing area. It also helps to further shield the surrounding area from the hot, high intensity discharge growing bulbs.


The entire system is designed to be connected to an air cooling system which keeps the heat that plants are exposed to very low. This allows for closer light positioning and improved growing efficiency. The Dual Tube utilizes 2 growing lights in a single tube, allowing the user to double the lighting power and coverage area for growing. It is great for covering a lighting area up to 4’ x 8’.


Unit Ship Weight: 18 lbs

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