Earth Juice Elements Cal-N-Mag (55 Gal.)

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This calcium and magnesium supplement helps to correct and prevent deficiencies with these elements. It helps to promote healthy cellular growth and with chlorophyll production in the plant. Great for soil or hydroponic growing.

Earth Juice Elements Cal-N-Mag (55 Gal.)




  • Calcium and magnesium growing supplement
  • Promotes healthy cell growth
  • Improves the quality of produce
  • Helps plants to create chlorophyll and improves photosynthesis
  • Fixes and prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies
  • Ideal for use with indoor and outdoor plants
  • Can be used with soil based growth and hydroponic systems

This calcium and magnesium growing supplement is designed to correct and prevent deficiencies in soil. It promotes healthy cell growth and improves the quality of produce. It helps to create chlorophyll and improves the plants photosynthesis process. It can be used with indoor and outdoor growing and is for use with soil and hydroponic applications.


Calcium deficiencies can often lead to soft or dead fruit or parts of the plant where magnesium deficiencies can lead to yellowing of the leaves and decreased growing potential. This supplement helps to prevent or correct these issues with plants of almost any kind.


Note: This product must be ordered in pallet quantities of 2.


Unit Ship Weight: 560 lbs

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