Earth Juice Sugar Peak Grand Finale Nutrient 0-6-4 (2.5 Gal.)

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This nutrient is designed as a finishing formula, promoting healthy growth all the way through the harvest. This provides plants with extra nutrients for better quality produce and multiple blooms. NPK ratio of 0-6-4.

Earth Juice Sugar Peak Grand Finale Nutrient 0-6-4 (2.5 Gal.)


  • One-part finishing formula
  • Optimal for both hydroponics and soil-based growing
  • Designed to maximize the production of determinate flowering and fruiting plants
  • NPK ratio: 0-6-4
  • A molasses based nutrient for hydroponics and soil
  • Optional finishing formula is ideal for beginners and professional growers alike

This liquid nutrient is designed to promote maximized production from fruiting and flowering plants. It provides the plant with a great boost of nutrients with a concentration on potassium and phosphorus. It gives the plants the nutrients they need at the end of the growing season and should be used about 2 weeks before harvest.

This nutrient is an optional boost to promote a healthy and strong finish for plants. Using this nutrient can help a single plant produce more fruits and flowers than it would have under normal growing conditions. Ideal for use with soil based and hydroponic growing.

Unit Ship Weight: 23 lbs

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