Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative Nutrient 3-1-5 (2.5 Gal.)

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This nutrient promotes strong vegetative and structural growth. It is a molasses based nutrient that can be used with hydroponics, native soils and other growing mediums. NPK ratio of 3-1-5.

Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative Nutrient 3-1-5 (2.5 Gal.)


  • One-part vegetation boosting formula
  • Optimal for both hydroponics and soil-based growing
  • Designed to promote energetic stem and leaf growth 
  • Great for foliage plants and the vegetative stage of flowering and fruiting plants 
  • NPK ratio: 3-1-5
  • A molasses based nutrient for hydroponics and soil
  • Ideal for use during the early parts of plant life or for use with plants that produce foliage as an end product

This liquid nutrient is designed to promote maximized production and growth of vegetation and stems. It provides the plant with a great boost of nutrients with a concentration on nitrogen and potassium. It gives the plants the nutrients they need for energetic growth and strong stems. It can be used throughout the growth cycle to boost growth.

Using this nutrient can make a plant grow bigger and faster with improved vegetative and structural growth. Ideal for use with soil based and hydroponic growing.

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