Ebb and Flow 2-Gallon 12 Pot Grow System w 55 Gal. Reservoir

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This complete growing system features a water controller, 12 grow pots, a timer, 2 pumps, tubing and a 55 gallon reservoir. Everything needed to start growing immediately.

Ebb and Flow 2-Gallon 12 Pot Grow System w 55 Gal. Reservoir

Grow plants inside or out with this complete system


  • 12 to 48 plants with a single system
  • Utilizes 2 pumps and gravity to fill and drain the pots
  • 55 gallon reservoir hydrates plants for long periods
  • Includes 12 2-gallon grow pots
    • Each grow pot consists of 2 pots nested inside each other with the inner pot having holes in the bottom to allow water entry
  • Each grow pot can be moved and repositioned throughout the season for even plant growth
  • Includes:
    • 7 Gallon Water controller
    • 12 pot system timer
    • 12 2-gallon grow pots
    • 55 gallon reservoir
    • Complete with fittings & tubing to install the system
    • B.C Recipe for Success Kit
  • 3 year warranty

The Ebb and Flow system is a simple yet ingenious system for frequent and consistent watering of 12 plants and up to 48 plants. It uses gravity and only 2 pumps to raise and lower the water levels in each of the grow pots.

Simply place the water controller on the same level as the grow pots and the water level is reflected and controlled. A timer is included to turn the pumps on and off at the time set by the user. This timer precisely controls how long the pumps are turned on for and is the brains of the operation.

The beauty of the Ebb and Flow system is its unique flexibility. Grow pots can be moved and adjusted, the spacing between plants can be adjusted, the water level can be changed and the watering periods can be spaced to the desired timeline.

Unit Ship Weight: 50 lbs

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