Ebb and Flow 2-Gallon 6 Pot Expansion Kit

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This is an expansion pack for the Ebb and Flow System and features six 2 gallon grow pots. These pots have an inner and outer pot and come with tubing and fittings.

Ebb and Flow 2-Gallon 6 Pot Expansion Kit

This is an expansion pack for an existing Ebb and Flow System


  • 6 double-layer grow pots
  • Centered drain fitting minimizes standing water potential
  • Unique aeration channels promote better root health
  • Each grow pot includes an inner and outer pot
    • Inner pot has holes for water to pass through
    • Outer pot has fittings for allowing water to enter and exit
  • Expands existing growing systems by 6 pots (48 pots maximum for one reservoir)
  • Expansion kit includes:
    • 6 - outer buckets
    • 6 - inner buckets
    • 5 - 1/2" barbed tee connectors
    • 1 - 1/2" barbed elbow connector
    • 6 - screw fittings
    • 6 - rubber washers
    • 1 - 25' roll of 1/2" tubing

This expansion pack adds 6 grow pots to an existing Ebb and Flow Operation. These pots are great for large and small plants and add flexibility and volume to a system. Each pot features holes in the bottom for complete drainage back into the ebb and flow system.

The pots are made from high density plastic and will not rot or corrode. This system creates the ideal growing environment for many different plants and can be set up almost anywhere.

Note: This is not the Ebb and Flow System, it is only a 6 pot expansion pack for it.

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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