Eco Grower Max 6 Plant Growing System

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The Eco Grower Max drip system uses an air pump to drip nutrient solutions onto plants from a lower reservoir. Excess solution drips back down for later use.

Eco Grower Max 6 Plant Growing System


  • Air driven “spider” drip system
  • Revolutionary 17 gallon hexagonal reservoir with removable 6” lid inserts
  • Each lid insert accommodates one 6” net pot that can house large plants
  • Air pump pushes nutrient solutions up from the lower reservoir and gently drips it into each pot
  • Hexagonal shape can be packed closely together with other Eco Grower Systems
  • Dimensions: 2’ x 2’ x 2’
  • Circulates and recycles excess nutrient solution
  • Simple, effective and gentle way to water and feed 6 plant pots simultaneously

This growing system is designed to automatically feed 6 plant pots with an air driven drip system. This “spider” drip system consists of 6 tubes emanating from a central column. The column dips down into the lower 17 gallon reservoir, which features a liquid level gauge.

Nutrient solution is forced up the column and out the tubes into the 6 separate net pots. The grow medium becomes moist and the excess solution drips back down into the lower reservoir to be used again in the next feeding cycle. This system allows anyone to grow indoors year round and also provides precise control over the nutrients fed to plants.

Unit Ship Weight: 31 lbs

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