EcoTurf Staples 4in Green (Box of 1000)

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Ecoturf turf staples are a revolutionary turf and ground anchor staple.  Will degrade in 12-36 months.  Not biodegradable in California.

EcoTurf Staples 4in Green (Box of 1000)


  • Degrades* in 12-36 months.
  • The 4" stakes have 3.23 times the holding strength of 6" steel stakes.
  • Polypropylene based resin from 100% recycled materials

Ecoturf turf staples are a revolutionary turf and ground anchor staple comprised of a polypropylene resin made from recycled materials that includes an additive to aid in its breakdown.*

The additive changes the chemical structure of the stake when exposed to moisture and oxygen in the soil. Breakdown can vary due to region and conditions.

These staples maintain holding power in the ground for 24 months.

This product is produced to break down and degrade in accordance with ASTM Oxo-degradability standard, specifically ASTM D6954. *

*Note to California residents: Not biodegradable in California.

Unit ship weight: 14 lbs

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