Electronic Deactivation Switcher 15 Amp 120 Volt

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This switcher deactivates equipment when the trigger sense cord is activated. This is great for saving supplemental carbon dioxide while ventilation is taking place.

Electronic Deactivation Switcher 15 Amp 120 Volt


  • Switches OFF when the sense trigger cord is powered
  • Used to inhibit supplemental carbon dioxide, dehumidifiers, and/or other equipment while ventilation is in progress
  • 15 amp, 120V
  • Requires an additional timer or controller to power the trigger cord
  • Saves money and resources as equipment is deactivated while ventilation is activated
  • Great for use in growing areas, greenhouses and even growing tents

This switcher is designed to deactivate certain equipment while other units, such as ventilation devices, are activated. This deactivation switcher can save the user money and resources as supplemental carbon dioxide or humidifiers are deactivated while the area is being ventilated. This reduces the amount of wasted gas and electricity.

Simply plug the trigger sense cord into an environmental controller or timer and attach a supplemental CO2 system or other device into the electronic deactivation switcher. When the trigger sense cord is powered on by the controller then the equipment that is attached is automatically deactivated.

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