Elf Charcoal Carbon Air Filter 6in x 10in

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This air filter is designed for small growing areas and indoor growing tents. It removes odors from the air and helps to keep airborne particles to a minimum.

Elf Charcoal Carbon Air Filter 6” x 10”


  • Filled with 100% virgin carbon
  • Removes odors and helps reduce particles and contaminants in air
  • Comes with a pre-filter for extending the carbon filter lifespan
  • Lightweight filter
  • Designed for use in grow tents and small growing areas
  • Optimal cubic feet per minute range of 150-265 CFM
  • 4” diameter intake collar
  • 6” total diameter and 10” tall

This charcoal carbon air filter is great for use with small growing areas, grow tents and small gardening areas. It removes odors from the air and helps to keep a low profile growing area that will not disturb people in the same house or in nearby locations. This carbon filter has a large surface area for treating 150 to 265 cubic feet of air per minute.

This excellent flow rate is kept up with the use of a pre-filter that helps to remove larger air particles from entering the carbon filter. This filter is ideal for smaller growing areas and indoor grow tents and helps to keep a small growing zone low key and unobtrusive.

Unit Ship Weight: 7 lbs

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