Emily’s Garden Aeration Hydroponic System No Media

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This system provides an aerated reservoir system that keeps roots and nutrient solutions well aerated. It comes with 6 planters and is great for growing almost anywhere.

Emily’s Garden Aeration Hydroponic System No Media


  • Acts as a 6 plant, aerated growing system
  • 6 individual planters allow for plant rotation or substitution without major disruptions to other plants
  • Fits almost anywhere- on a bench, shelf, table or even on a patio
  • System includes:
    • 2 gallon reservoir
    • Air pump & tubing
    • Six 7”H x 6”W x 6”L planters
    • Seed starter cubes
    • Molded cover
    • Nutrient
    • Water level indicator
    • pH test kit
    • Illustrated instructions
  • Great for starting small plants, growing herbs and for flowers

This system is designed to provide the user with a self-contained garden that can be used almost anywhere. It features a 2 gallon reservoir with a convenient water level indicator on the side. This allows the user to know exactly how much water is left and also the level that the water is interacting with plants.

The top of this reservoir holds 6 individual planters that can be used to grow a large variety of plants including herbs, flowers and seedlings. The beauty of this system is its simplicity and the built-in air pump which keeps the water and roots properly aerated. This keeps plants growing healthily and eliminates water becoming stagnated.

Unit Ship Weight: 12 lbs

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