Entrust SC Insect Control (1 Quart)

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Organic Certified. 22.5% percent spinosad liquid formulation. Labeled for Brassica's, corn, cucurbits, fruiting and leafy vegetables, pome fruits, potatoes, stone fruits, strawberries, bushberries and cranberries.

Entrust SC Insect Control (1 Quart)




  • 22.5% Spinosad formulation.
  • Registered for use on organically produced crops
  • Provides pest-specific control with a relatively low toxicity to non-target organisms, including many beneficial insects
  • Works by contact and ingestion
  • Movement within the leaf helps reach pests out of the direct line of spray
  • Fast control allows growers to wait until thresholds have been met before spraying
  • Won’t flare mites, aphids and other secondary pests
  • 4 hour re-entry interval
  • Two year minimum shelf-life
  • Covers between 8 and 16 acres 


Entrust® insect control is produced through the fermentation of living organisms. This formulation of Spinosad is labeled for organic use, and combines the power of most synthetic insecticides with the environmental benefits of most biological insecticides. Entrust effectively controls target pests without adversely affecting most non-target organisms. Entrust is extremely effective against the Colorado Potato Beetle.


Spinosad insecticides are nerve and stomach poison derived via fermentation from naturally occurring bacterium Saccharopolyspora spinosa. This product represents an alternative to Bt for worm control and offers excellent control of targeted pests and low toxicity to non-target organisms, including most beneficial insects. Low mammalian toxicity, helps conserve beneficials.


Pests Controlled:


Apple maggot, armyworms, cherry fruit fly, codling moth, Colorado potato beetle, corn earworm, diamondback moth, imported cabbageworm, leafminers, leafrollers, loopers, navel orangeworm, oriental fruit moth, peach twig borer, thrips, tomato fruitworm, tomato hornworm, tomato pinworm, walnut huskfly.


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