Eskay-Lite Crystal Clear 16 mil Vinyl Film (4.5' x 225’)

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Eskay-Lite is a crystal clear, 16-mil vinyl film that is used for high-visibility greenhouse applications. It features UV inhibitors that allow it to have a 4 year lifespan. Great for covering the ends and side-walls of greenhouses.

Eskay-Lite Crystal Clear 16 mil Vinyl Film (4.5' x 225’)



  • Crystal clear vinyl film
  • UV inhibitor keeps film from breaking down in sunlight
  • 16-mil thickness is extremely strong and provides a 4 year life span under most conditions
  • Ideal for high visibility applications such as greenhouse stores and advertising
  • Used on the ends and side walls of polyethylene greenhouses
  • Treated to be flexible down to -40°F
  • Excellent transparency and great for practically any climate

Eskay-Lite is designed to provide a highly transparent option for retailers, greenhouse stores and other greenhouse applications where high visibility is preferred. This film is a heavy-duty 16-mil film that is made of vinyl and that features a UV inhibitor to eliminate solar degradation.


Eskay-Lite has a 4 year life expectancy under most conditions and is crystal clear, something that other films simply cannot claim. It is easy to install and extremely versatile, being ideal for covering the ends and side-walls of greenhouses.


Eskay-Lite can be installed using methods that apply for any greenhouse film. Batten strips, batten tape, or poly-lock devices may be used to secure the film to the greenhouse frame. Like most plastic coverings, Eskay-Lite is easiest to install during warm weather or on a sunny winter day.


Suggested uses for Eskay-Lite clear vinyl covering:


  • For the ends of greenhouses where maximum visual impact is important
  • For sales areas where products can be easily seen from the outside
  • For closures that require a plastic more rigid than polyethylene film
  • For any type of portable enclosure where transparency is desirable

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