EuroGrower Complete Hydroponic Drip System 8 Pots

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The EuroGrower system features eight 2 gallon growing pots and a 40 gallon lower reservoir. Nutrient solutions are pumped out of the reservoir into drip lines into each pot.

EuroGrower Complete Hydroponic Drip System 8 Pots


  • Simple, yet efficient approach to home hydroponics
  • Drips nutrient solution into each pot
  • Excess solution falls back into the lower reservoir for later use
  • Each bucket holds 2 gallons
  • 40 gallon lower reservoir
  • Works great with soil or soilless growing medium
  • Comes complete with Flora Series nutrients
  • Great for beginning gardeners and experienced growers alike

This growing system is ideal for anyone wanting to grow indoors at all times of the year. It features 8 separate 2 gallon growing buckets that sit directly on top of the 40 gallon lower reservoir. These buckets can grow small, medium and large plants and can be filled with soil or soilless growing medium such as grow rocks or coco fiber.

This system works by pumping nutrient solution up from the reservoir and into drip lines positioned in each of the growing pots. This gentle process ensures that each plant receives adequate moisture and nutrients which is absorbed by the plant roots and the growing medium. The excess solution then automatically drains back to the lower reservoir to be used again later.

This system mimics natural precipitation while eliminating nutrient solution waste by draining excess back into the lower reservoir. The large scale 40 gallon reservoir grows plants for long periods of time before refilling is necessary. Included with this system are the Flora Series nutrients to get plants started off right.

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