Extech 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer Data Logger PQ3450

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This meter analyzes power quality and data logs the information up to 30,000 readings. Measures frequency range, AC volts and current, active power, apparent power, reactive power and more.

Extech 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer Data Logger PQ3450

Monitor power quality and save the data to a removable SD memory for analysis on a PC


  • Large, dot-matrix, sun readable, numerical, backlit LCD
  • Full system analysis with up to 35 parameters
    • V (phase-to-phase), V (phase-to-ground)
    • A (phase-to-ground)
    • KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (phase)
    • KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (system)
    • KWH / KVAH / KVARH / PFH (system)
    • Phase angle
  • Optional 200A, 1200A Current clamps or 3000A flexible current probes
  • Captured measurements can be imported directly to excel via the SD memory card
  • Adjustable Current Transformer CT (1 to 600) and Potential Transformer PT (1 to 1000) ratio for high power distribution systems
  • Log up to 30,000 readings on a removable SD memory card in Microsoft Excel format
  • Wide sampling rate range (2 seconds to 2 hours)
  • Built-in Clock and Calendar
  • Easy-to-use on-screen menu
  • Banana style input jacks
  • Easy to hold rugged over molded housing
  • Comes complete with meter, 4 voltage leads with alligator clips
  • Also includes SD memory card, Universal AC adaptor, 8 AA batteries and durable hard carrying case (clamp probes sold separately)

Power quality is simply determined by the way power that is produced interacts with the appliance connected to it. If power supplied fits inside of the parameters that the device can safely function then the power quality is sufficient. If there are voltages and variations outside of that range then possible damage or malfunctioning can occur.

Anything from the amplitude of the voltage to harmonics and unexpected distortions can play a role in power quality. The only way to combat these problems is either make the power “cleaner” or make the devices “tougher”. When dealing with sensitive pieces of equipment it is important to know the power quality being produced.

This one meter monitors multiple variables including the frequency range, the voltage, the current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, phase and energy. This meter features the ability to log data up to 30,000 readings and then download the information to an Excel program directly.

This is done with a removable SD memory card for quick and direct data transfer. Excel is an amazing program that can graph and analyze huge amounts of data.


  • ACV (True rms): 600.0V
  • ACA: 1200A
  • Active Power (MW): 9.999MW
  • Apparent Power (MVA): 9.999MVA
  • Reactive Power (MVAR): 9.999MVAR
  • Power Factor: 0.00 to 1.00
  • Frequency Range: 45Hz to 65Hz
  • Phase: -180° to +180.0°
  • Current Clamp input: 200mV, 300mV, 500mV 1V, 2V, 3V; user-selectable
  • Active Power Energy (MWH): 0.0kWh to 9.999MWH
  • Apparent Power Energy (MVAH): 0.0KVAh to 9.999MVAH
  • Reactive Power Energy (MVARH): 0.0kVARh to 9.999MVARH
  • Datalogging: 30,000 readings (2GB SD memory Card)
  • CE/CAT rating: CE/CAT III-600V
  • Dimensions: 8.86 x 4.92 x 2.52" (225 x 125 x 64mm)
  • Weight Meter: 2.2lbs (1010g)

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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