Extech Clamp Power Data Logger Kit 1000A - 382068

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This Clamp Meter and Data Logger Kit measures True RMS Voltage and Current, Resistance and Frequency. It also calculates true power, apparent power and power factor with a PC download capability.

Extech Clamp Power Data Logger Kit 1000A - 382068

Data logs up to 4000 readings and has a current measurement range up to 1000A


  • 1000A Clamp measures 1 and 3 phase power to 600kW
  • Display True Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, True RMS Voltage and Current, Resistance and Frequency
  • Dual display of kW+PF, kVA+PF, V+A, A+Hz or V+Hz
  • Clamp jaws open to 1.8” for large conductors or cable bundles
  • Built-in recorder datalogs up to 4000 readings or download to a PC
  • Data hold and auto power off
  • 25 point memory viewable on the display
  • Full function display on large 4-digit LCD with fast 40 segment bar graph
  • Peak Hold and MIN/MAX
  • With the ability to download the data to a PC with the RS-232 interface
  • Comes complete with Clamp-on meter, a 9V battery, alligator clips, test leads, data logger/RS-232 PC interface module, PC software with cable and a case

A clamp meter is a fast, safe and accurate way to test the current flowing through a conductor. This kit is designed to measure both 1 phase and 3 phase conductors while data logging the information for downloading to a PC.

This versatile clamp meter also features Multimeter abilities such as True Power, Apparent Power, Power factor, True RMS Voltage and Current, Resistance and Frequency. With a current testing capability up to 1000A this instrument is useful in a wide range of applications.

This kit features a built-in recorder for up to 4000 readings which can then be analyzed and manipulated on a PC. Flexibility and versatility are the name of the game for this Data Logging Clamp Meter Kit. The 382068 Kit User Manual is attached to this page to answer any further questions.


  • True Power: 600KW
  • Apparent Power: 1000KVA
  • Peak Current: 1000A
  • Peak Voltage: 600V
  • AC Current (40-500Hz): 1000A
  • DC Current: 1000A
  • AC Voltage (40-500Hz): 600V
  • DC Voltage: 600V
  • Frequency: 500Hz
  • Resistance: 10KΩ
  • Continuity: Beeper when
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.7 x 1.8" (260 x 93 x 45mm)
  • Weight: 15.9oz (450g)

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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