Extech Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Temp – RPM10

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This tachometer features both contact and non-contact rpm measurements and a contact surface speed measurement. Also featuring a non-contact IR thermometer for any surface.

Extech Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Temp – RPM10

Photo/contact tachometer includes a non-contact IR thermometer for surface temperature measurements


  • Built-in IR thermometer with laser measures remote surface temperature on motors and rotating parts
  • Fixed 0.95 emissivity, 6:1 distance to target ratio
  • Non-contact Photo tachometer uses a laser for greater measuring distance up to 6.5ft
  • Contact tachometer for RMP and surface speed measurements
  • Recalls Last/Max/Min values
  • Characters on display reverse direction based on the mode being used
  • Comes complete with:
    • Tips/wheel for contact measurement
    • Four 1.5V AA batteries
    • Reflective tape
    • Carrying case
  • 1 year warranty

A tachometer simply measures the rotational speed of a shaft, wheel, pulley or a motor. This is a simple concept that can be difficult to accomplish, especially in an engine or confined space. Tachometers have developed into highly accurate, compact devices. Tachometers are found in vehicles, generators, motors, bicycles and other rotating devices.

They are vital to the functioning of engines, generators, airplanes and other devices dependant on sustaining a certain rotational speed. Tachometers have traditionally been analog devices displayed by a pointer on a dial but are now migrating toward digital displays which are more accurate and easier to read.

This particular tachometer is designed with both contact and non-contact measurement in mind. With a laser photo non-contact method which can measure rpm up to 99,999rpm. This can be measured from up to 6.5ft away with the laser targeting accuracy. It also features a contact measurement method with the included wheel, flat tip and cone tip. This measures the rpm and surface speed of a spinning shaft, disc or wheel.

This meter features the added ability to measure temperature with a non-contact Infrared thermometer. This thermometer measures surface temperatures of -4 to 600°F (-20 to 315°C) and features a laser targeting system for accurate readings of small components. The RPM10 Combination Laser Tachometer and IR Temp User Manual is attached to this page to answer any further questions.


  • Display counts: 99,999 count LCD
  • Range (rpm):
    • Photo: 10 to 99,999
    • Contact: 0.5 to 20,000
  • ft/min: 0.2 to 6560 (Contact)
  • m/min: 0.05 to 1999.9 (Contact)
  • Basic Accuracy: ±(0.05%rdg+1 digit)
  • Max rpm Resolution: 0.1rpm
  • Temperature (IR): -4 to 600°F (-20 to 315°C)
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.6 x 1.5" (216 x 66 x 38mm)
  • Weight: 10.6oz (300g)

Unit Ship Weight: 1.5 lbs

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