Extech Datalogging, Printing Anemometer Psychrometer (451181)

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This datalogging and printing anemometer measures and displays air velocity, temperature, humidity, wet bulb and calculates CFM/CMM. With a 4 ft flexible corded probe for long reach.

Extech Datalogging, Printing Anemometer and Psychrometer (451181)


    • Simultaneously measures and displays air velocity, humidity, wet bulb and temperature plus calculates CFM/CMM
    • Manually logs 99 readings or setup time interval for automatic logging (2400 points)
    • Datalogger date/time stamps and stores data for later recall, printing or dowloading to a PC
    • Thermal printer prints readings and date/time stamp
    • RS-232 PC interface with Windows compatible software
    • Complete with vane sensor with 4 ft (120 cm) cable, software and cable, 4 AA batteries, carrying case and one paper roll

Great for logging and tracking changes in air velocity, temperature, himidity and wet bulb. Keep an eye on the wind stresses facing your garden or nursery trees with this versatile meter. Track wind and weather trends and even determind the feasibility of building a wind mill or wind generator.

Compact and easy to use with a 4 ft flexible probe. Gardens can be destroyed by high winds, so plan on crop placement based on high wind vs low wind areas. This meter also has the ability to link with Windows with its compatible software, letting you log readings over a longer time period.


Measurement Range Resolution Basic Accuracy

ft/s (feet per second)

60 to 4930ft/s


±3% rdg

m/s (meters per second)

0.4 to 25m/s


±3% rdg


-4 to 144°F/-20 to 60°C




0 to 100%RH




0 to 99999



Wet Bulb

-7.6 to 158°F/-22 to 70°C




8.1 x 2.75 x 2" (208 x 70 x 53mm)


9oz (260g)

Unit Ship Weight 2 lbs
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