Extech Environmental Test Kit 4 Meter – MO290-EK

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This environmental testing kit features an anemometer, moisture tester, video borescope and an indoor air quality meter. Everything needed to test the environment in buildings.

Extech Environmental Test Kit 4 Meter – MO290-EK

Specifically designed for energy and weatherization auditors. This kit saves 151 dollars compared to buying all of the components separately

This Kit Includes:

  • Model MO290 Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR
    • Monitor moisture in wood and building materials with virtually no surface damage
    • Included Pin Probe for contact moisture readings
    • Patented InfraRed Thermometer with laser pointer
    • Built-in RH/Temperature probe measures Relative Humidity, Air Temperature, plus Grains Per Pound (GPP), Dew Point (DP), and Vapor Pressure
    • Measurement Ranges:
      • Pinless Moisture: 0 to 99% (limited by wood type)
      • Pin-type Moisture: 6 to 40% (Wood); 13 to 99% (Materials)
      • Temperature (Air): -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
      • Temperature (IR): -5 to 392°F (-50 to 200°C)
      • Humidity: 0 to 99%RH
      • Vapor Pressure: 0 to 20.0kPA
  • Model AN200 CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer + IR
    • Large backlit display of Airflow or Air velocity plus built-in IR Thermometer
    • Measurement Ranges:
      • ft/min: 80 to 5900
      • m/sec: 0.4 to 30
      • CFM/CMM: 0 to 999,999
      • Temperature (Air): -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
      • Temperature (IR): -58 to 500°F (-50 to 260°C)
  • Model CO250 Indoor Air Quality CO2 Meter
    • Measures Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Wet Bulb and calculates statistical 8 hour and 15 minute time weighted averages
    • RS-232 interface, data acquisition software and cable included to analyze data on your PC
    • Measurement Ranges:
      • CO2: 0 to 5000ppm
      • Temperature: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
      • Humidity: 0 to 99.9%
  • Model BR200 Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera
    • 17mm camera with 39” (1m) waterproof (IP67) flexible gooseneck and Wireless 3.5" Color TFT LCD Monitor that can be viewed from up to 32ft (10m) from the measurement point
    • Micro SD memory card for capturing images (JPEG) or video (AVI) for viewing on your PC
  • Supplied in a rugged heavy duty hard carrying case that provides protection and organization for the meters and accessories

This unique kit is specifically designed to measure environmental variables which can affect energy consumption such as airflow, moisture levels and energy loss in hard to reach spaces. This is a great kit for determining insulation requirements as well as appropriate heating systems for the environment. The borescope meter is great for finding cracks in insulation, holes in conduit, wiring faults and leaks. This kit also includes an indoor air quality tester for determining the CO2 content in the air as well as dew point, temperature and humidity.

The moisture meter not only tests moisture in the air but also moisture in construction materials such as wood with a non-intrusive moisture sensing meter. This also features an anemometer for testing wind speeds and air flow. This is great for testing heating system blowers as well as outdoors environmental pressures. This over all kit saves a total of 151 dollars compared to the price of buying all of the meters separately.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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