Extech FLIR 320 x 240pixel Thermal Camera WiFi – FLIRE60

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This thermal imaging camera features a thermal camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels as well as a traditional digital 3.1MP camera. Temperature rate of -4 to 1202 degrees F.

Extech FLIR 320 x 240pixel Thermal Camera WiFi – FLIRE60

With an on-board visual camera, laser pointer, 6 color palettes and IR window correction


  • High Resolution IR images
    • 76,800 pixels (320 x 240) infrared resolution
  • Visible light digital camera
    • 3.1MP resolution with LED lamp provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditions
  • Scalable Picture in Picture (PIP)
    • Displays thermal image super-imposed over digital image with an adjustable thermal image size
  • Thermal Fusion
    • Blends thermal and digital images in real time for unique temperature sensing images
  • Wide temperature range
    • From -4 to 1202°F (-20 to 650°C) specializing in high heat applications
  • ± 2% Accuracy
  • Thumbnail Image Gallery
    • Provides quick search of stored images
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
    • Lasts for over 4 hours of continuous use and is replaceable
  • Laser LocatIR Pointer
    • Pinpoints a reference spot with a laser
  • WiFi connectivity
    • Allows the meter to wirelessly send images and data to a mobile device for on the spot data transferral
  • IR window correction
    • Firmware settings account for transmission loss through IR windows
  • Area (Min/Max/Average) mode
    • Shows the minimum, maximum or average temperature reading within the selected area
  • Auto Hot/Cold Spot Marker
    • Marks the area and automatically finds the hottest or coldest spot within the box
  • Comes complete with:
    • Memory card (stores over 1000 radiometric JPEG images)
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Power supply
    • USB cable
    • Video cable
    • Hand strap
    • Camera lens cap
    • Hard case
    • FLIR tools software CD-ROM

FLIR is at the forefront of thermal imaging technology and this new affordable camera is designed to let anyone experience the benefits. The highly accurate cameras are designed to make heat visible and measurable. The color scheme displayed by the camera is defined by the heat emitted from the source. Based on the color and the intensity of the color the temperature of the object can be ascertained.

The safe method for measuring hot surfaces is becoming more popular as people realize how effective these cameras are. Electricians have found these cameras especially useful as it can clearly display a hot fuse or hot connection which can be potentially dangerous to an electrical system.

These meters do not require ambient light to function and develop images based purely on the infrared light produced by heat. This makes temperature testing in dark or hard to reach areas a snap with a simple thermal image.


-          Motor internal winding problem detection

-          Hot Fuses

-          HVAC energy loss or concentrations

-          Building inspections

-          Radiant heat inspections

-          Surface temperature reads

-          Animal detection

-          Insulation gaps

-          Ghost detection

Thermal imaging cameras do things that the human eye and traditional IR temperature probes just can’t do. With a simple thermal image temperature hot spots can be detected and measured. This technique measures the entire appliance or area with a single snapshot.

This also makes it easy to compare and differentiate hot areas to warm or cold areas without stopping to measure each individual component with a traditional thermometer. This meter has the added ability to store over 1000 images on the included SD card. These images can then be downloaded to a PC for further analysis and manipulation.


  • Temperature range: -4°F to 1,202°F (-20°C to 650°C)
  • Image Storage: >1000 radiometric JPEG images (SD card memory)

Imaging Performance/Presentation

  • Frame Rate: 60Hz
  • Field of view/min focus distance: 25° x 19°/1.31ft (0.4m)
  • Focus: Manual (minimum focus distance 1.3ft/0.4m)
  • Thermal sensitivity (N.E.T.D): less than 0.05°C/less than 0.045°C
  • Detector Type – Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13μm
  • Display: Built-in 3.5” color LCD
  • Image modes: Thermal/ Visual/ Thumbnail gallery
  • Video lamp: Bright LED lamp
  • Digital Zoom: 4X
  • Laser classification/type: Class 2/Semiconductor AlGalnP Diode Laser; 1mW/635nm (red)
  • Set-up controls: Mode selector, color palettes, configure info to be shown in image, local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats and image gallery
  • Measurement modes: Spot meter (movable), Area Box (full image with min/max/average), Auto hot/cold spot, Isotherm (above/below/interval) and Delta T
  • Video output: composite
  • Radiometric IR video streaming: to PC using USB
  • Measurement correction: Reflected ambient temperature and emissivity correction
  • Battery type/operating time: Li-Ion/ >4 hours, Display shows battery status
  • Charging system: In camera AC adapter/2 bay charging system
  • Shock: 25G, IEC 68-2-29
  • Vibration: 2G, IEC 68-2-6
  • Dimensions: 9.7x3.8x7.2" (246x97x184mm)
  • Weight: 1.82lbs (825g) including battery
  • Warranty: 2 years (warranty is extended to 2 years when the camera is registered)

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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