Extech Free and Total Chlorine Meter (CL500)

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This meter measures both free and total chlorine and is designed for field and lab use. It features a narrow band LED lamp that provides accurate and repeatable readings. Range of 0.01 to 3.50ppm.

Extech Free and Total Chlorine Meter (CL500)




  • Advanced optical system uses a narrow band LED lamp that provides accurate and repeatable readings
  • Requires only a 10mL sample size
  • Independent 2-point calibration for Free and Total Chlorine
  • Splash-proof front panel makes this meter ideal for field testing
  • Battery operated for field and on-site testing
  • Data Hold and Min/Max record/recall
  • Auto power off
  • Complete with 1.0ppm Free Chlorine standard solution, 1.0 Total Chlorine standard solution, Zero Chlorine standard solution, (2) test bottles and covers, Free Chlorine DPD powder (10pcs), Total Chlorine DPD powder (10pcs), cleaning cloth, six AAA batteries, and hard carrying case

This meter is designed for field or lab applications for testing the free and total chlorine. It utilizes an advanced optical system featuring a narrow band LED lamp. This provides accurate and repeatable readings while using very little power. It has the ability to test free and total chlorine. Free chlorine is the active chlorine available to oxidize and combine with contaminants while the total chlorine is a total measurement of free chlorine and the chlorine that has alread combined with contaminants.

The CL500 requires a very small sample (10mL) to provide extremely accurate readings, which is great for testing samples from an off-site location where large sample quantities are not available. It is battery powered and also features a splash-proof front panel which makes it ideal for field testing.



  • Range (ppm): 0.01 to 3.50ppm
  • Resolution: 0.01ppm
  • Accuracy: ±0.02ppm @ 1ppm
  • Light source: LED, 525nm
  • Method: Adaptation of USEPA Method 330.5 for waste water and Standard Method 4500-Cl-G for drinking water
  • Response Time: less than 10 seconds
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.0 x 2.4" (155 x 76 x 62mm)
  • Weight: 11.3oz (320g)

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs


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