Extech HD Video Scope Inspection Cam 6mm 320 – HDV640

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This high definition video scope features a 6mm diameter camera tip attached to a semi-flexible 1 meter cable. Also featuring an articulating tip able to view 320 degrees.

Extech HD Video Scope Inspection Cam 6mm 320 – HDV640

Narrow diameter camera with 5.7” High Definition Color LCD Monitor deliver high image and video resolution on large color display


  • 5.7” color LCD TFT – High definition 640 x 480 pixels resolution video
  • 6mm diameter camera head (1m semi-flexible cable that retains configured shape)
  • Easy knob control fo the articulating camera tip facilitates viewing in obstrcted areeas where standard tips cannot access
  • 320° camera probe rotation (from straight position, 160° left and 160° right)
  • Waterproof (IP67) meter and camera head with cable
  • Bright white LED lamps with dimmer to illuminate viewed object
  • Glare-free close-up field of view and 6” (15.2cm) minimum focus distance
  • 2G SD memory card included to store > 14,600 images
  • Video recording (up to 4 hours) with voice annotation
  • Video and images can be transferred via the SD card, USB output or AV out
  • Comes complete with:
    • SD memory card
    • 3.7V rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
    • AC adaptor
    • USB and AV cables
    • Camera with cable
    • Case
  • 1 year warranty

VideoScopes are the next generation of inspection cameras. With image quality much higher than traditional borescopes or fiberscopes. This high definition camera is designed to go places where people and regular cameras can’t. This camera has the added ability to articulate the tip of the borescope. This means the camera tip can be made to look in one direction or the other up to 160 degrees either left or right for a total viewing area of 320 degrees. This provides views that other borescopes don't have the ability to check.

With a 1 meter semi-flexible cable that retains its configured shape this videoscope can see deep inside of engines, pipes, appliances, drains, foundations and any other confined space that needs inspection. The ability of this instrument to record videos and images of what it sees sets it apart from other scopes. With a removable SD card for easy data transfer and recording up to 14,600 images.

This particular videoscope features a small diameter camera head measuring no more than 6mm. This head also features bright white LED lights for reliable illumination of the target in any environment. This meter is also designed to be water proof and drop proof for durability and use in all conditions. The HDV640 HD Video Scope Inspection Cam User Manual is attached to this page to answer any additional questions.


  • Engine inspection and repair
  • Mechanical wear inspection
  • Aircraft inspections
  • Safety and security inspections
  • HVAC inspections
  • Clogged pipe inspection
  • Foundation stability testing
  • Insulation inspection
  • Interior wall examination
  • Animal observation
  • Mechanical wear inspection
  • Electrical wiring inspection
  • Leak detection


  • Camera
    • Minimum Focus distance 2.36" (60mm); macro: 0.59” (15mm)
    • Field of View 65°
    • Shaft diameter: HDV620: 0.24" (6mm)
    • Working length 39" (1m)
    • Camera tip bending: 320° (160° left and 160° right)
  • Borescope
    • LCD Screen Type 5.7" color TFT
    • Pixels 640 x 480 (High Definition)
    • SD Card 1GB (included)
    • Operating 4 hours

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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