Extech Mini Clamp Meter, 400A True RMS, 1mA - 380947

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Highly accurate 400A AC DC Mini Clamp Meter with extremely high resolution of 1mA. True RMS measurements for high accuracy and multiple functions including non-contact frequency up to 10kHz.

Extech Mini Clamp Meter, 400A True RMS, 1mA - 380947

With a high resolution of 1mA, True RMS accuracy and the ability to measure voltage, frequency and resistance


  • High resolution to 1mA AC and DC
  • True RMS measurements for highly accurate readings
  • Non-contact Frequency measurements to 10kHz through the clamp jaws
  • Fast 40 segment bar graph for quick and easy tracking
  • 0.9" (23mm) Jaw opening
  • Large 4000 count LCD screen with full function indications
  • One touch Auto Zero for DC current measurements
  • Auto power off with disable feature
  • Data Hold with MIN/MAX recall display
  • Complete with test leads, wrist strap, two AA batteries and a case

A clamp meter provides an easy way to test the current flowing through a conductor without any intrusive procedures. A fast and safe way of testing also combined with the versatility of a multimeter. This compact and versatile clamp meter has an extremely high resolution of 1mA allowing for highly accurate test results.

Also provides readings of voltage, frequency and resistance all in one compact meter. With a one touch auto zero function for DC current measurements and a large 4000 count LCD screen for easy and accurate referencing.


  • ACA: 4A/40A/100A/400A
  • ACA Resolution: 1mA/10mA/100mA/100mA
  • ACA Accuracy: 1.5% ±3d
  • DCA: 40A/400A
  • DCA Resolution: 10mA/100mA
  • DCA Accuracy: 1.0% ±2d
  • Resistance: 400Ω
  • Resolution: 0.1 Ohm
  • Accuracy: ±(1.5% +2d)
  • Frequency: 10kHz
  • Resolution: 0.1Hz-100Hz
  • Accuracy: ±(0.5% ±2d)
  • UL, CE, Category Rating: UL, CE, CAT III-300V
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 7.2x2.5x1.4" (183x64x36mm)
  • Weight: 6.2 oz (190g)

Unit Ship Weight: 1.5 lbs

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